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TheLivingRoomRadio Icon“You will bring water from rock for the community”
Numbers 20:8

Some of my best conversations about God and with God have happened in someone’s living room.  There in the comfort of home we feel we can take off our shoes and our masks and get down to talking and listening.  Relieved of the pressures of performance while having to come up with ‘answers’, there is something special about a living room that promotes conversation.  

On Thursday, November 7, at 2:00 p.m.(MST), you are invited to listen to “The Living Room: Exploring the Mystery We Call God”; if you can’t listen live you can access it 24/7 online.   This is Water from Rock’s launch of our weekly Internet radio program in which I will talk with Henry Rojas about God and about life.  Henry and I have been friends for over 25 years during which we have talked, laughed, and cried our ways through many joys and struggles.  

You perhaps know Henry as the original Suns Gorilla and already know how funny and creative he can be.  NBA.COM says of Henry as the Gorilla: “The Gorilla was a bit of a ham.  His comedic routines during time-outs have become legendary…The Gorilla remains, in the minds of many, the NBA’s top mascot, if not the top mascot in pro sports”.

But Henry walked away from the bright lights and money in order to discover his true identity apart from the Gorilla.  He took off the ‘mask’ and has since helped many people discover their identity in Christ.  When I was a pastor Henry was a frequent teacher and retreat leader for us, and was loved by all ages.  I marvel at Henry’s remarkable spiritual insight and his ability to communicate Biblical truth in memorable ways.  

In our weekly Internet program Henry and I will talk about the God we love and explore what it means to walk with Him.  We will also interview other people, talk about Scripture, listen to music, and take a stab at answering listeners’ questions.  We will as well take on “The Elephant in the Living Room” by talking about some subject that can be difficult to tackle.

You can listen live to each week’s program or hear it later 24/7, anywhere in the world via this website or www.doublewidenetwork.com.   We are so grateful to donors who have underwritten the first three months of the program, enabling us to take another step in providing God’s “water from rock for the community”.  We are working and praying that through this weekly program we might communicate Biblical truth far beyond the reach of our classes and printed word.  Would you join in praying for Henry and for me as we encourage others to explore the grand and marvelous mystery we call God?

I hope you can listen to Henry and me live at 2:00 p.m.(MST), Thursday, November 7, and every Thursday thereafter, on the Internet at our website or www.doublewidenetwork.com.   If you can’t listen live on any Thursday, then you can access the recorded program on those two websites anytime, 24/7.  

Grace and peace,

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