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Prayer Walking

How would you like to do something good for your body, soul, and spirit? You can find that something all wrapped up in Prayer Walking, which is holistically nurturing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I first discovered Prayer Walking on a mission to India where we would walk around a village and pray for its people before entering to present the Gospel. It proved a great blessing to us and to others. Since then, I have found the practice of Prayer Walking to be a wonderful combination of spiritual connection and physical movement that nurtures both health and spiritual wellbeing. The rhythmic motion of placing one foot in front of the other, outdoors in God’s creation, is proven to help clear the mind and reduce anxiety. I often come back from Prayer Walking feeling refreshed in both mind and body. Even the philosopher Frederick Nietzsche said to never trust a thought that did not come by walking. It can be a powerful way to draw closer to God, commune with His creation, and intercede for others.

Consider the following as you begin Prayer Walking:

1. SELECT A PATH that allows you to safely walk and pray without distractions. It might be a park, hiking trail, or quiet neighborhood.

2. PREPARE YOUR HEART as you invite God to guide and lead as you walk and pray.

3. START WALKING as you pay attention to the sights and sounds of God’s creation.

4. PRAY to God aloud or silently, lifting up to Him your concerns, praises and hopes.

5. ENGAGE SCRIPTURE as you walk by reciting verses or meditating on passages that guide and inspire your prayer.

6. INTERCEDE FOR OTHERS as you walk, praying for your family, friends, and community. You might bless others you encounter on your walk, pray for children in a school that you see, as well as for people in their homes.

7. LISTEN for any promptings or impressions that God may speak to you as you walk. Prayer Walking is not only about talking to God, but also about listening to His voice.

8. REFLECT AND GIVE THANKS as you end Prayer Walking, taking a few moments to reflect on any insights and blessings God gave you during your walk.

“And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am his own. And the joy we share…”
– C. Austin Miles –

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